Thursday, April 14, 2016

Taking a Moment

Recently, I have been very open about my projects that I have stopped and started and restarted and quit and restarted and stopped and...

I decided to take some time and lay out my goals and realistically set about achieving them one by one.  I am currently in my 7th week of Self Realization Fellowship study and I have been meditating daily.  This has helped me tremendously with my life.  I am caught up on housework by 9am daily.  I feel organized and for the first time ever, I feel like I'm sitting on top of my life instead of being dragged around by it.

So currently, instead of 20 unfinished random goals circulating around my head at any given time, I have taken a step back to focus on five at a time.  Here are the five:

1.  Complete 3 year Kriya yoga mediation study at SRF and be initiated into Kriya yoga.

2.  Lose the pesky 20 pounds that I gained with pregnancy that don't want to go anywhere because the fat loves me.

3.  Finish up my Bar Smarts Wired and get my mixology certification so that I can A) have bragging rights that my drinks are better than yours, and B) so I can share recipes regularly and feel like I'm an expert.  Very important reasons right?

4.  Find a home based business that I am passionate about and that I want to build.  I found it in BeautyCounter and I will be posting soon about that adventure and everything it entails.

5.  Daily blog.

I quit blogging regularly because I began to study blogging too much, if that makes any sense.  There are a million courses online on how to make money, get money, be money, eat money, lose money, money, money, money, blog for money.

I didn't start blogging for money so I'm not sure how I got sucked into blogging for profit, but it was too constricting and too weird so now I'm just sharing my thoughts without worrying about viral content or brand endorsements.

I have one more review to post and then I will no longer be reviewing products outside of the products I am selling on BeautyCounter.

I will be on my blog more, to share recipes, my thoughts on movies I watch, makeup tips and tricks, and all things girly.  I am no longer "PR friendly" and I'm happy to just be back to writing.

I got into acting to tell stories and started blogging when I became pregnant because there is an innate need in me to tell stories.  So, I will tell them.  I hope you read them.  I will be back on YouTube soon, but one goal at a time, or 5, but no more than that!

Talk soon!!!


  1. Very honest! I like the idea of having fewer goals and being able to reach them :) good luck and looking forward to more blog posts xx

  2. Thanks Iris! I'm still having a tough go of it because I still want to do it all right now!