Monday, November 9, 2015

Begin again?

When I started blogging,  I was doing it out of sheer boredom as a new stay at home human.  I initially started it as a way to blow off steam and kill time.  While doing it I started seeing that women were making "tons of money" blogging from home. 

I was hooked.  I thought this could be a way for me to contribute financially without leaving the house.  So I learned the marketing part but I forgot about my content.  I took a cheap and fast way instead of building a great product first.  For me, I feel with blogging and vlogging, the product is my most authentic self, and if I'm focused on marketing, I can't be that. 

I am returning to blogging and I absolutely love making YouTube videos, so I'm back to both but with a different intention than "making money from home"

I just want to write stuff and make videos.  Money will come when the content is good.

So, in the future I am scaling down marketing and where I share my video and written posts so I can focus on making something creative and fun!

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