Friday, June 12, 2015

Out with the Dead

This has been a funky week.  I put up a vlog because it reflected my mood.  You can see it here.

Besides feeling old and weird I also got an email regarding my current state of employment.  In addition to being a mom, wife, actress and coach I also work as a mixologist behind the bar 1-3 times a week.  I found out my little spot in paradise may not be mine anymore and I flipped into panic mode.  

To start with, I received an email that said, "hey, the restaurant where you are currently employed is closing and someone new is taking over so we will consider keeping you after we have exhausted all other employee options."  Okay, it wasn't actually worded that harsh but was worded fairly similar and I still took it as a huge middle finger to the entire staff and found myself angry because I don't like being without a job.  
The restaurant business in Los Angeles has a shelf life of a gnat's life so I'm not so heartbroken that I can't move on.  It's the ebb and flow of the place and with that I need to be open to new possibilities.  So, after I panicked, I ate my feelings and decided to take a shower with some awesome Dead Sea Scrub.  This post is sponsored by them and it couldn't have come at a better time.  
After my snack I decided to take a quick shower and use this scrub.   It's an exfoliate that takes off the dead skin cells to reveal smooth skin underneath and for me it took off the dead weight I was carrying around at being mentally chained to my current post on the pier.  As I showered I began to contemplate what it would feel like if I took the power of my life into my own hands and instead of waiting for them to decide if they want to keep me, maybe I should decide if I want to keep them.  So, I sent out applications and I have two interviews this weekend!  I also have my two year wedding anniversary, so life is actually fantastic.  
I have been reading a book called Flow and I'm trying to look at challenges with a new perspective.  Instead of feeling beat down or waiting for opportunities to find me, I have decided to make my own luck and see the world as a challenge to be overcome rather than a cross to bear.  
One thing I did like about the Adovia is that it is all natural with no harsh ingredients and it feels ahhhhh-mazing on my skin!  I'm also happy to wash away dead skin!  So, I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!
This has been a sponsored post powered by BrandBacker and Adovia. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Improvisation of Courage

I'm halfway through my Level 1 Improv class and it's still scary every day I go.  Before I started this class I was studying with Alan Feinstein.  He's a great coach, but there was this part of me that still wanted to discover the world of improv.  So, I began taking at a school called UCB or Upright Citizens Brigade.

I snapped this photo from my car and yes, I know it isn't the highest quality photo.  The school is not in prison, I'm in a parking lot across the street.  I wanted to study here more than any other improv school, but I didn't pick it as my first class, because, I was scared.  It's strange to think of it now.  I wanted to get my feet wet at another school, and I won't say where, the other school was a great fit for other people, for me, I found myself overthinking and falling into boredom.  

I'm not a note taker during class.  This isn't necessarily that kind of class anyways because we are constantly engaged and up and moving.  I also like that there is a live show after eight weeks of study and I get to perform it in their coveted space on Franklin.  

I was talking with my niece and her engineer husband and his chemical engineering friends when I was back in Tulsa and I admitted to not going here first because I was afraid.  Their friend Nick said something that has been resonating with me since then.  He said, "always pick the best school."

You are possibly reading this and thinking, um yeah, he's right.  Why would you pick a school that doesn't make your actor boner hard?  Well, the answer to that is fear.  For whatever reason, the media, other actors, casting directors and well meaning friends and family can put bugs in your ear and your conscious and lead you to a place that isn't so courageous.  At least that's how it is for me.

Since giving birth to Cora, I have been trying to annihilate that fear. Before,  I had been waiting for some magical moment to be good enough, pretty enough, talented enough, that I sometimes still find myself paralyzed in action because that day will never come.  I should go study in the schools that give me the most excitement beforehand.  I should travel to cities that inspire me.  I have always wanted to go to Paris, when Cora is old enough, I believe I will.  That's not an excuse.  That's simply funds and realism.  

So I suppose if anything, this blog is about courage.  If I can summon up the courage to get out to the school that terrified me the most, what's holding you back?  

Monday, June 1, 2015

Superfood Bundle

Most of my life I have been into shakes.  As a young girl I loved Carnation Instant Breakfast, then as a gymnast I would drink something called a Sports Shake I found at Quick Trip after practice, and later, in high school, when we get weird and think we should be skinny, I was obsessed with Slim Fast shakes.  Through the years I have loved pre-made sweet shakes meant to deliver "optimum" performance for athletes...etc., etc., etc.

Fast forward to adulthood when I realized that most of that stuff is for the birds and the best way to get healthy is to look into not only what you are putting into your body but how.  I have found the DIY methods to shakes (shakeology) and smoothies deliver the best for my body. 

Recently I stumbled upon the Superfood Bundle and I have been enjoying smoothies and a mild seasoning with this trio.

Let's start with the Spirulina!  Spirulina is a densely packed 60% protein powder.  I add it to my fruit smoothies, which makes the color look weird but doesn't alter the taste.

My simple recipe for a delicious smoothie is a couple of spoonfuls of honey Greek yogurt, a handful of spinach, a few strawberries and blackberries and half a banana.  Next add about 4 ice cubes, water, a scoop of Spirulina powder and blend until smooth-ie!

When you make your smoothies, don't get hung up measurements. make what tastes good to you.  I know when I first jumped onto the smoothie train, I was overwhelmed and intimidated by the recipes.  Let your taste guide you and you can't go wrong, as long as you keep it fresh.  Unfortunately, the powder makes the drink look like grey paint, but the taste is the same.

The next simple smoothie recipe packed with an amazing punch of vitamin C has raspberries, ice, stevia and Acerola Cherry powder.

This is one of my favorite midday pick me ups!  It's natural, no caffeine but still gives me energy.  It's an organic powder that fights free radicals, promotes cell regeneration and is a natural antihistamine, which is great for this allergy season.  It's also a nice alternative to that afternoon soda or coffee you find yourself reaching for and won't damage your skin like the other stuff.

Finally, the other part of this pack is the Yeast.  Admittedly, this one threw me.  I didn't know what to do with it so I use it as a flavoring for my veggies.  

The important thing about this yeast is that it is not synthetic.  It's 50% protein and 20% fiber.  I find it is also good on popcorn when you mix it with sea salt and cracked pepper.

Adding these into my diet has improved my skin tone and I feel I have more energy, and with a baby, any type of energy I can get is greatly appreciated.

This post is a sponsored post.  It was powered by Brandbacker and Sari Foods.  All opinions and recipes are my own.