Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Hi Dad...I'm in jail.

Many years ago I played my best April Fools joke on my Dad.  At the time I was the world's worst daughter.  I had dropped out of college and moved out of state without discussing it with my parents.  They were paying my college tuition so they had a right to know.  I just hated college.  I always think I should go back, and I have, several times, but the truth is, I hated it every single time.

Anyways, shortly after dropping out, I called my dad from a payphone in Dallas.  I called collect and allowed my voice to get shaky and meek.

"Daddy,"  I said.

"How much?"  He said.

"I'm in jail.  For drinking and driving.  I was very drunk.  I hit a stop sign." Me.



"I'm on my way."  Dad.

I quickly told him I was kidding, April Fools, to which he hung up the phone.

The point is, I think I may have the best dad because despite my shitty childish behavior, he would have dropped everything to save me, even if I didn't deserve to be saved.  I'd like to think I'm a better daughter now, but hopefully I will be the kind of parent who will drop everything just like he still would.

Brian and my Dad

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