Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Deal Has Been Made

What is he paying you tiny baby?

Everyday this week she pooped at least 20 minutes before her daddy came home, thus forcing me to change her diaper.  I will find out what he's paying her.  His sneaky avoidance and their obvious conspiracy isn't invisible.  I'm onto them.


It was a strange last couple of days.  I have this tendency when I go into my current place of employment to sink into the depths of dread and allow myself the ugliness of complaining.  So basically my attitude today looked like an army of toilets.

I blame the actual army of toilets I found staring me down the other day when I left my apartment to put money on my laundry card.  If you aren't aware of my recent toilet encounters, here's a recap  from my front porch.  Right before Cora was born the apartment complex decided to reinstall all of the toilets.  They didn't post this anywhere and one day these two showed up on the porch and then disappeared.  Later I found a note.

Then a couple of weeks later, these appeared.

Then after a run to the post office to collect the packages the mail carrier refuses to deliver, I stumbled upon this laying at the end of the road right next to the highway.

Poor toilet, shit on its whole life and then tossed aside to spend its final days near the 101.

So, this has truly been my year of obscure toilet sightings.  

In other news, today I made a delicious cosmo at work.  Horrible transition, I know, but sometimes you just have to take the good with the bad.

And of course after Brian and I's self imposed temporary prohibition, I will share this little drink on my youtube channel to satisfy your at home libationary needs. 

~Bottoms up!  Or down! (depending on which part of this blog you relate to)

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