Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Down by the River

You know you may not be working under the best circumstances as a bartender when you witness a girl, who lives in her van, down by the river (ok, ocean but just go with it), when you watch this girl walk out of her job because it just may suck that bad. 

This isn't to say that the food isn't good and we don't have an exquisitely stocked bar, but yesterday, if I didn't have a tiny mouth to help feed, I would have thrown in my bar towel and walked into the sunset.  Unfortunately, I can't.  

I won't get into lack of prep time or any of the things that led up to my failure to be prepared, but, I will discuss the bees.  Yes, bees.  Bees everywhere and when they started to swarm, I said, fuck this and walked away.  It was comical to watch three managers attempt to do my job and not be frightened.  One was swatting at the bees with all his might but mostly checking to make sure I was ok, the other was acting like he was bartending but was just pouring beer and edging around the back of the bar and the other was just running back and forth with no direction.  I mean, we could have just shut it down, moved a few things to the main restaurant and gone with a limited beverage menu but that didn't cross anyone's mind.  They were more concerned with profit over humanity and that just sucks.  

So, I came home to my beautiful daughter and the rest of the evening was wonderful. 

How could I be mad looking at this?

But, after she and my husband fell asleep, I sat down at the computer and began looking at real estate porn, aka, Trulia.  As I compared property value between Los Angeles and country properties in Oklahoma my heart began to break a little more.  I'm not going to lie, I cried myself to sleep last night knowing that for what we pay for a street view, one bedroom apartment, we could be living in a 3 bed/2 bath house with lake views and plenty of vegetation to forage, a place to garden and a deck to entertain on.  We would also be closer to both our families, and if I take a job as a mixologist/craft bartender, then I bet they would shut down when a bee infestation occurs, because that's how Okies do. 

So, I'm not sure what disillusioned me more...knowing I was working in a restaurant with a woman who lived in a van or the bees.  It's just tough to see someone my age move here and be homeless.  I can't help but be disappointed for her and wonder what she is thinking and I can't, for the love of anything, bring myself to want to go back and experience bees again.  But I must, until something breaks, and at this point I just really feel like something has to give eventually.

I tried to make myself feel grateful by taking photos of our beautiful neighborhood but they are possibly a bit lackluster in my dispassionate state.  Here's some California sky...meh.


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