Friday, January 3, 2014


22 days until baby is due!


Is New Years a day when you release old habits and embrace the new?  Perhaps it's a lifestyle change, a promise to yourself to live better, or a promise to yourself to treat others better, walk the dog more, quit smoking, basically just be a better you.

I quit making resolutions years ago.  It's not so much a pretentious thing as it is a daily conscious living thing.  I always found that when I brought something to the front of my mind, I would try to banish it from my life only to find that I did with more voraciousness.   Whatever I had decided was my forbidden fruit, and it was the same thing for many years, would haunt me all day to the point that I had to ingest as much of it as I possibly could on that day and for many days after.  It's legal for public consumption in Colorado now, and on Feb. 5, 2014, it will have been exactly one year since we parted ways.  

If I have any kind of resolution this year, it would be to go to the beach more, laugh more, be present more, be thankful more, be a good wife and mother.  I always have goals.  I set artistic goals for myself and honestly, 2013 was a toughie because I got pregnant and was unable to run full forward into my dreams with passion and exuberance because I was mostly laying down trying not to throw up, sitting up trying not to feel the heartburn and tossing and turning wondering what it felt like to have my pre-pregnancy body.

I do intend on taking more photos.  Here are a few from our day at the beach.  Brian and I spent the day at Westward Beach.  It is the beach where I had my first dolphin spotting when I moved to California.  We also got a little show as they swam near the shore this time and danced in and out of the waves for our eyes only, if only for about 1 minute until they were spotted by other beach goers as well.  I love Westward Beach.  It's also where Brian and I exchanged wedding vows.  We quickly planned a wedding and at first had decided on Vegas, but at the last minute, I did a google search to see if any ministers would travel to Westward and we found a fantastic one, who agreed to marry us that following Friday.  I had my recently deceased dog, Bailey's, ashes spread in the Pacific and when I visit Westward it's my time to say hello to her and feel her with me even though she is gone.  I intend on bringing Cora here.  I want this to be her first beach experience because the place holds a special magic for me.  

Here are some photos from our fantastic New Years Day!  I would like to think it proves you don't need to spend a ton of money to have a good time.  Just find a sacred spot and spend the day with the ones you love.

 Pregnant with my Buddha Belly

 By the Rocks

 Brian and I

 Proud expectant mama at sunset

Rocks at Westward Beach

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A short video of my view

Thank you for sharing the day with me!