Monday, November 4, 2013

Handle With Care

82 days until baby is due

Handle With Care

Since I found out about baby Cora I have felt the need to handle myself with care and the little baby growing inside of me.  Then came the announcement of my placenta previa and I realized how much care we actually needed.  I'm happy to announce, after a visit to the doctor today, that the placenta has moved on its own and I am no longer at risk.  I'm still at risk because of my age but at least I know I'm okay when it comes to this.  I am borderline anemic but I can fix that by adding the right food to my diet.

I was able to view my little girl today.  She's shy every single time we do an ultrasound.   First time I tried to see her she turned her butt to the camera.  When we were trying to determine the sex, she kept her legs crossed and when she turned she tucked her head between her legs and made it hard for us to see who she was.  Today we tried to see her face and she threw an arm up as if she was blocking herself from the paparazzi.  She kicks and punches like an MMA fighter so I really don't know what to expect when she finally arrives.  I do know that I will love her and handle her with the utmost care.  

I do have a couple of photos to share from today's visit...

This one freaked me out.  It looks like her shirt is pregnant.

 The prettiest face I have ever seen.

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