Friday, June 16, 2017

June 2017 YouTube Channel Preview

 June 2017 YouTube Channel Preview

Hello everyone!  I realize it has been a hot minute since I either vlogged or blogged, but lately, I have been feeling the call to get back into the swing of both of these practices. 

It has been over a year since I posted a blog and about six months since I vlogged.  I have disabled the my little tales blog and moved everything over to here, under my name.  I am, however, keeping My Little Tales as a YouTube channel.

I have spent the last six months studying improv at iO West and now I'm over learning silly stuff at The Groundlings.  I'm back to making weekly videos and writing a weekly blog.  I know it will take some time to get my viewers and readers back but I'm willing to give myself over the process of creating quality content instead of just feeling like I need to throw something out there.

Find me on all the social medias I have listed on this blog and say hello!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Taking a Moment

Recently, I have been very open about my projects that I have stopped and started and restarted and quit and restarted and stopped and...

I decided to take some time and lay out my goals and realistically set about achieving them one by one.  I am currently in my 7th week of Self Realization Fellowship study and I have been meditating daily.  This has helped me tremendously with my life.  I am caught up on housework by 9am daily.  I feel organized and for the first time ever, I feel like I'm sitting on top of my life instead of being dragged around by it.

So currently, instead of 20 unfinished random goals circulating around my head at any given time, I have taken a step back to focus on five at a time.  Here are the five:

1.  Complete 3 year Kriya yoga mediation study at SRF and be initiated into Kriya yoga.

2.  Lose the pesky 20 pounds that I gained with pregnancy that don't want to go anywhere because the fat loves me.

3.  Finish up my Bar Smarts Wired and get my mixology certification so that I can A) have bragging rights that my drinks are better than yours, and B) so I can share recipes regularly and feel like I'm an expert.  Very important reasons right?

4.  Find a home based business that I am passionate about and that I want to build.  I found it in BeautyCounter and I will be posting soon about that adventure and everything it entails.

5.  Daily blog.

I quit blogging regularly because I began to study blogging too much, if that makes any sense.  There are a million courses online on how to make money, get money, be money, eat money, lose money, money, money, money, blog for money.

I didn't start blogging for money so I'm not sure how I got sucked into blogging for profit, but it was too constricting and too weird so now I'm just sharing my thoughts without worrying about viral content or brand endorsements.

I have one more review to post and then I will no longer be reviewing products outside of the products I am selling on BeautyCounter.

I will be on my blog more, to share recipes, my thoughts on movies I watch, makeup tips and tricks, and all things girly.  I am no longer "PR friendly" and I'm happy to just be back to writing.

I got into acting to tell stories and started blogging when I became pregnant because there is an innate need in me to tell stories.  So, I will tell them.  I hope you read them.  I will be back on YouTube soon, but one goal at a time, or 5, but no more than that!

Talk soon!!!

Monday, March 21, 2016

The first day... (Day 1)

Hello all!  I have decided to take up the art of blogging again. 

If you are keeping up with my youtube, you may not be, that's totally cool, but you should, because I'm working my butt off on it!

Recently, I have realized, or maybe I always knew, that I am a phaser, perhaps, some would call me a quitter.  I've picked up many new endeavors and quit and quit and quit, ready to pick up something new, then quit again.  The only thing I've really stuck with and found that I am good at is being a wife and mother, but this has also taught me, that when I stick with something, beautiful things happen.

Yesterday I had to work while my daughter was sick.  I felt helpless and tiny, like I did the day she threw an epic tantrum at the grocery store.  I felt like I was falling short on my mom duties because I had to go to work.  But, I have bills to pay and a very capable husband, and everything turned out okay.  My daughter is teething late.  Her molars are coming in, and it must be so painful for her and I hate that I can't do much to alleviate the pain.  Outside of giving her a xanax and rubbing whiskey all over her gums (that would be child abuse in my eyes) and I didn't do that, but I don't feel like ibuprofen does much when there is that much pressure in your mouth, I don't know what to do except let her rest and give her Nutella on toast to get her to eat something. 

Well, I have had a couple of glasses of wine and I'm meandering all over this blog but here's the deal.  I'm going to post daily, about something, possibly random, every single day.  I'm not following blog tutorials anymore.  I am looking at filmmaker tutorials for my videos, but that's different.  This is my personal blog, with personal stories, about personal shit, that I do day to day. 

If you watch tomorrow's video on my YouTube channel, I explain it all.  It will be linked in tomorrow's post and I also just share them here daily in their own post, without writing anything about them.  But the deal is, I'm trying to follow through on all the things I have started in my life and given up on.  I'm going to begin following through. 

I will be posting daily blogs but I have to be honest, one of the things I have not followed through on are product reviews.  So, I'm filming one tomorrow and will be writing many in the next couple of weeks until I'm done.  I will try to make them clever but let's just get through them together.  Better late than never, right?

I took this photo because I was filming my YouTube trailer, that I never posted.  It's here because photos on blogs are fun and I don't have another to post today.  I promise I will get better!

Click the video above to see our first daily vlog.  It is my goal to do a daily YouTube video as well and this was my first one.  I hope I stick it out this time.  I really really do.

Let's talk tomorrow.  Ciao!

Monday, March 14, 2016

$20 Afternoon

I'm back to blogging yet again, and I thought it would be fun to see how far I could stretch a twenty dollar bill.

I woke up this morning with a brilliant idea to find out what I really could buy with $20.  First, we went to my favorite thrift store and I found this -

I bought this jacket for $6.99.  Vintage is in and the best places to find true vintage are either in your relative's closets or at your local thrift store.  I watched a documentary recently explaining the damaging impact fast fashion has on both our environment and on the people in developing countries who are making these clothes.  So it looks like I will be happily thrifting from now on!

Next, since it's π day,  our local pizzeria was selling pizzas for 3.14.  I forgot to bring in my water so I bought a soda which was almost as much as the pie itself!  I also tipped more than usual because they were working especially hard today, so I spent the bulk of my money here.  

After we snarfed down our pie, I had a few dollars left so we headed over to the used bookstore where I found a snowman bag for Cora...

and a new book for me!  I read A Brave New World awhile back so I'm excited to read something else by this author. 

And that was our 20 dollar day.  If you shop used and recycled you really can stretch your dollar pretty far!

Saturday, December 12, 2015


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If you watch this video until the end, it's pretty hilarious.

This time of year I get sentimental.  I suppose we all do.  I moved to Los Angeles the weekend after Thanksgiving 2004.  I spent Christmas with strangers and I lived in the part of town where the sounds of gunshots rang randomly in the night and that rang in my alley that evening.

I think of that night and I think of where I am now.  My former view of downtown L.A. on Jefferson, between Crenshaw and Arlington, across the street from the library.  Back then, it was pretty hood.  I had a dog so I got to know the people of the neighborhood.  I was the only white girl.  In that year I met a woman who had no shoes and was walking down this alley and I gave her my hiking shoes.  I met a crackhead and gave her weed so she could settle down.  I worked a job as a bottle service waitress in Hollywood.  It was an awkward adventure.

Now I'm here.  I'm a mom.  I live in the suburbs.  While not the seedy sexy heartbeat L.A., it's still alright.  Sometimes I miss the cool evenings after staying out late with a friend, getting in my convertible mustang and driving over Laurel Canyon in the fog while the floor heaters are on.  I rarely miss the nights when I would have to unlock the parking gate at my apartment on Jefferson.

As I reflect on the things I have, I'm still grateful for the experiences I have had.  While it may mean I'm probably behind where I should be financially, I have had enough eye opening experiences that I have been changed forever.

I believe in peace.  I believe in people.  I believe there are billions of people on this planet and we have to figure out how to live together.  We have to figure out how to share.  We all have to figure out how to share or we haven't evolved.  I think we have evolved and there is an underlying pulse that knows things can be better with each other.

As I watch Cora grow I am happy I experienced the things I did.  I hope to create a world in which she will be safe.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Begin again?

When I started blogging,  I was doing it out of sheer boredom as a new stay at home human.  I initially started it as a way to blow off steam and kill time.  While doing it I started seeing that women were making "tons of money" blogging from home. 

I was hooked.  I thought this could be a way for me to contribute financially without leaving the house.  So I learned the marketing part but I forgot about my content.  I took a cheap and fast way instead of building a great product first.  For me, I feel with blogging and vlogging, the product is my most authentic self, and if I'm focused on marketing, I can't be that. 

I am returning to blogging and I absolutely love making YouTube videos, so I'm back to both but with a different intention than "making money from home"

I just want to write stuff and make videos.  Money will come when the content is good.

So, in the future I am scaling down marketing and where I share my video and written posts so I can focus on making something creative and fun!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

I grew up in Broken Arrow, Ok.  Not much happens there but, one thing you can count on every year, is the Tulsa State Fair!  Back then they connected our state fair to the Bell's Amusement Park.  The fair was usually the only reason I went to Bell's.

When I would go, I thought the people who worked there and ran the rides were the coolest people on the planet.  I thought it would be awesome to wear a jean jacket, tons of hairspray and play music really loud.

I don't think I would want that job now, the responsibility of everyone's safety at a theme park is actually big deal.

I also thought acting would be the best job in the world but it turns out, motherhood is.  I just got my SAG-Aftra renewal card in the mail.  I still pay my dues even though I know I'm not working.  I suppose being union means enough for me to keep until I can work again, but it doesn't fill me, right now, with the joy it used.

I'm sure it will again someday but right now, I just love seeing smiles on Cora's face and looks of love in my husband's eyes.

Make sure you check out my daily vlog!  Our newest one is up!!!

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